a pear-studio release....


01. *dewey miles | 5:35 Jennifer Leitham: upright bass 02. the frenchman | 7:06 Annie Wadhams: voice 03. jenn 2 sect 1 | 8:57 Jennifer Leitham: upright bass 04. jimmy 1a | 4:06 Jimmy Johnson: bass 05. von schkinny | 5:52 Mel Boyman: voice 06. session15 | 6:35 07. tribute to lorraine | 5:40 Jimmy Johnson: bass 08. c w | 1:35 Cindy Wonderful: voice 09. carl session 2 | 9:16 Carl Verheyen: guitar Tad Wadhams: upright bass 10. a nod to her majesty | 0:52  11. prince open | 6:51Prince Diabaté: kora 12. fast jenn | 2:03 Jennifer Leitham: upright bass 13. black socks | 4:28 Lorraine Milne: answering machine Polly and Clara Pierone: voices Jimmy Johnson: bass All Songs Written and Produced by Pear PearStudio | 8033 Sunset Blvd. #118 Los Angeles, CA 90046 | Made in USA | All rights reserved | Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws

Improvisational jazz is a high wire act creating a form of spontaneous composition out of one-take musical conversations.

The group pear, execute perfect balance.

They have one foot firmly planted in the outer worlds of traditional jazz, on songs like jenn 2 sect.1 and jimmy 1a.

And their other foot touches the modern landscape using added vocal treatments on songs like the frenchman and black socks, or a loop of bass and percussion on carl session 2.

When one hears new music for the first time, they're not sure what to expect.

When pear plays, neither do they...

– Rickio Woods